My name is Samantha "Sam" Macfarlane.  I have been painting for years and have found
painting to be a vocation which provides me with hours of joy.  My work reflects the
pleasure I obtain from creating wonderful one of a kind works of art.

I decided to open my business,
Macfarlane Design after a number of friends kept asking
me to provide art for their homes.  Sometimes we are blessed in life and provided with a
gift that not only gives joy to those around us, but has the added benefit of giving back to
us individually even more.  
I will be glad to come to your home for a free consultation to discuss your custom
decorative finishing dreams.  During the initial consultation, a review and rough sketch of
the area will be done, measurements will be taken, as well as photographs, if required.   
Within a week following consultation, a proposal will be presented for your review.  If
commissioning a mural, please allow two weeks prior to proposed presentation of the
rough pencil sketch.  At the subsequent meeting, any necessary changes will be discussed
and agreed upon.  Keep in mind that murals can be painted off site on a special type of
canvas such as cambric, and installed quickly, with minimal interruption to your home when
finished.  Upon final approval, an agreement for services will be drawn up for final approval
and you will then be placed on the schedule and the work will commence according to the
agreed upon time frame.
For inquiries, you may contact me either by e-mail below or contact
me directly at (559) 925-8962.  Thank you for your interest.    
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